A is for Elsewhere

My photo book, A is for Elsewhere, is available as a hardcover edition of 26.

“In the fall of 2012, I was a resident artist at Elsewhere, a living museum set within a former thrift store in Greensboro, North Carolina. A is for Elsewhere is a visual diary of my experience there. It also documents the pictorial typeface I created during my residency. To create the typeface, I used a photo scanner to capture twenty-six letters and four punctuation marks from a variety of objects chosen from Elsewhere’s collection. I named the typeface Elsewhere Serial because it brings to mind the cut-and-paste magazine letters used (at least in the movies) by serial killers.

The book contains the entire typeface, letter-by-letter, object-by-object, along with photographs taken inside Elsewhere and in the Greensboro neighborhood it calls home.”

Please view the book in the window below, or here on ISSUU.


Copies of the first edition are lettered A through Z. Each copy is $150 and includes a 5″x7″ print. Shipping is $10. See the list below. Each letter shown represents an individual book, with a corresponding number of original prints, and price.

Use the PayPal button below to purchase the copy of your choice. (You don’t need a PayPal account, just a credit card. Before purchasing be sure to note which copies have already been sold.)

A is for Elsewhere

A — No print [ SOLD ]

B — One print (plus one bonus print *B=bonus) [SOLD]

C — Two prints [SOLD]

D — Three prints [SOLD]

E — No print (surprise extra special print, *E=extra) [SOLD]

F — One print [SOLD]

G — Two prints [SOLD]

H — Three prints [SOLD]

I — No print [SOLD]

J — One print [SOLD]

K — One print

L — Three prints [SOLD]

M — Four prints [SOLD]

N — One print [SOLD]

O — No print [SOLD]

P — One print

Q — One print

R — One print

S — Five prints [SOLD]

T — One print [SOLD]

U — No print [SOLD]

V — Two prints [SOLD]

W — One print

X — One print

Y — One print

Z — One print plus one bonus print!

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