Darkroom Interviews at TuckUnder Gallery


“Darkroom Interviews” was a night of intimate audio interviews and photo portraits conducted in the Leaky Sink Gallery at TuckUnder Projects. On Thursday, July 31 from 6-9 p.m., participants entered the Dark Room for a two-to-ten-minute Q & A and one (or more) sudden flash photo portraits. Topics ranged from free range eggs, to nuclear power, to the moon, stars, and beyond. The interviews and portraits are compiled and presented here.


1. David Biljan



2. Colleen MacDonald



3. Justine Di Fiore



4. Zoe Shulman



5. Nick Vlcek



6. Judy Gonzalez and Linda Seebauer Hansen



7. Peter Morales



8. Savita Bettaligo



9. Samuel Bjorgum



10. Masami Kawazato



11. Rochelle Woldorsky



12. Carolina Borja



13. Carolyn Payne



14. Anne Birch



15. Clarence Reel



16. Jessica Sigafoos



17. JoAnn Blohowiak and Morgan Zehner (not shown) and Kasadora



18. Ben Kreilkamp



19. Christi Furnas



20. Matthew Allen



21. Jenny Jenkins



22. Caitlin Cook-Isaacson


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